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Descriptions of character relationships: common interests, conflicts, how they see each other, etc.

Lerner Family

Rob and Hiromi

Rob and Georgiana

Hiromi and Georgiana

Farmer Family

Josh and Anya

Josh and Tim

Anya and Tim

Inter-Family Relationships

Rob and Anya

Rob and Anya are the prime movers behind the colony, and they see each other as colleagues and valuable allies. Rob may or may not be attracted to Anya physically, but it's hard to tell because she's far too valuable to him as a friend and colleague to consider the ruination that would follow and both are mature adults, and so even though there is a fair amount of opportunity, we know nothing happens between them. This is partly reinforced by the degree to which their spouses obviously trust them.

However, Rob has no qualms about using Anya's deadly combination of sex appeal and business acumen as a negotiating weapon and will gladly use her skills.

Anya sees Rob as the founder of the organization and as an ideological foundation. She's a pragmatist, and possibly inclined to lose focus, but she looks to Rob to provide it and remind her of what she's trying to do here. She also has a great deal of respect for his engineering and technical knowledge which goes far beyond hers.

Anya's skill is with people and managing human hazards to the project; Rob's is with nature, physics, and engineering.

Hiromi and Josh

Josh's and Hiromi's jobs dove-tail nicely: he's responsible for the basic production of foodstuffs and other raw materials, while she is responsible for turning them into actual meals and furnishings. In a sense, Josh is in the role of the "farmer" and Hiromi is in the role of the "farm wife", though of course this is only true in the professional sense.

As a result, the two of them spend quite a bit of their productive work day and especially planning time together. With such a small ecosystem, they need to coordinate their plans pretty closely.

Both are somewhat taciturn by nature, so they don't necessarily talk that much, and when they do, it's generally "shop talk". It would not be uncommon to find them sitting catty-corner at the common room table with their tasks spread out in front of them, mostly in silence, but occasionally bringing up a connection between their problems.

At times, Josh will help out in the kitchen. Hiromi sometimes feeds the chickens or does other "farm" tasks in the colony.

Rob and Josh

Hiromi and Anya

Rob and Tim

Rob's relationship to Tim might be classed as "uncle". He sees Tim as a bright young man who might do great things one day, but is currently in the throes of adolescence.

Tim looks up to Rob, and sometimes sees him as "cooler" than his own father, but he also sees him as the man who his parents followed to the Moon, which he feels a little ambivalent about.

Rob also acts as Tim's teacher in math and physics, so it wouldn't be uncommon to find them together for tutoring sessions, or for Rob to set up a demonstration for Tim (and Georgiana) to learn from.

Hiromi and Tim

Josh and Georgiana

Anya and Georgiana

Georgiana thinks of Anya as her aunt, and even calls her that. Anya thinks Georgiana is very cute and feels a similar attachment to her. Her pet name for Georgiana is "Zaika" (which is a Russian diminutive for rabbit, like "bunny").

Anya tutors both children on liberal arts subjects -- literature and history.

Georgiana and Tim

Georgiana has a singular lack of playmates, so naturally, she often tries to get Tim to play with her. Tim is not so excited about playing with her and may be embarrassed about it, but then again, he's in the same predicament. So they actually do a lot of things together.

In many ways, they think of each other as brother and sister.


Allen and Rob

Allen and Anya

Anya looks past any character flaws she sees in Allen, because she sees him as a money-maker for the colony, which the colony is always desperately in need of. In person, she finds him a little weird, and generally she puts on her political "game face" to deal with him, as she does with outsiders.

Allen and Josh

Allen and Hiromi

Allen and Tim

Allen and Georgiana

Allen and Georgiana make a kind of unexpected connection: both are free to observe the goings-on of the colony with an artistic eye. Allen teaches Georgiana to paint, and Georgiana opens his eyes up to a more childlike view of the world.


Sarah and Rob

Sarah and Anya

Sarah and Josh

Sarah and Hiromi

Sarah and Tim

Before he met her, Tim was excited about a single woman coming to live at the colony, but of course, that didn't last long. Sarah sees him as a "kid brother" type and of course she's interested in teaching him (as well as anyone else who will listen) about lunar geology, spacesuit safety, and other things.

She teaches both children on geology, general science, physics, and health subjects -- at least as far as life support. As a result, Tim is sometimes with her for tutoring, and eventually for field trips.

Sarah and Georgiana

Sarah and Allen

Sarah and Allen don't work together very much, and they basically have nothing in common. Sarah's taste in music (sappy country and western and folk music) and her unapologetic enthusiasm grates on Allen's "refined" nerves. Allen strikes Sarah as hopelessly "artsy" and just a little bit depressing to be around.

Being the only single people in the colony there's an implicit suggestion that they "ought to get together", but it's very, very unlikely.

Iridium Station Connections

The characters at Iridium station are not so involved with the colonists, so we only consider the important connections (otherwise this page would really get out of hand!).

Mark and Anya

Mark is the primary business contact for Iridium station with the ISF-1 colony, and Anya of course represents the colony, so they spend a lot of time together. Basically, Anya is selling or trading fresh produce for technological products and services from Iridium station (or through them, from Earth).

Mark is obviously smitten with Anya, though he's smart enough to know he's never going to get her. But he figures "there's no harm in looking". Anya shamelessly exploits this weakness to get excellent business deals with the base.

In addition to this, though, Mark is sympathetic to the colonists' goal of establishing a permanent colony on the Moon, even when this is contrary to official policy or higher-ups in the chain of command. Usually he can find a way around problems, and will help out the colonists when he can.

Mark and Josh

Josh knows how Mark feels about Anya, and doesn't particularly like it. He accepts the importance of the business relationship, and he trusts his wife, but he's not above teasing her about it on occasion.

Josh and Mark rarely meet in person, thought when they do, Josh is a little cool. Mark, for his part, respects Josh and is sympathetic to his goals, along with the rest of the colonists.

Mark and Rob

Mark and Hiromi

Mark and Sarah

Mark and Allen

Salt and Mark

Salt and Rob

Salt and Anya

Tina and Tim

Tina and Mark