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PLEASE NOTE: This page has long been out of date, as we are retiring this wiki and moving to new software. If you are interested in contributing, the process is simpler now:

  • Join the Project Forum
  • You must type something intelligible into the "Intro" profile field when you sign up to the forum, and answer the "botness" question. I approve these manually.
  • It's best to also send Producer Terry Hancock an e-mail at "digitante at gmail dot com"
  • We'll talk, and if necessary, I'll set you up with a Subversion account or whatever else you need for what you're doing.

Membership in the production team for "Lunatics" is fairly open to anyone with an interest who's willing to respect the project's procedures and contribute -- even in small ways. You're welcome to lurk and learn what's going on if you want. If you have any knowledge or experience with the software or technology we are using, then just being around to answer questions ("consulting") could be a big help.

I will ask you not to share plot "spoilers" outside of the project -- I know this can never be absolute and of course, some fans like to see work in production, but I would prefer not to spoil the story for others. We have a basic ground rule of only releasing information about the upcoming episode here on the wiki, so in fact, there are really only one-episode-ahead spoilers here, with very few exceptions.

Contributing to Lunatics

If you like the idea of Lunatics, and want to make it happen, there's a lot of different things you can do, based on your resources, talents, and interests...

  • Money is always nice. Donate, invest, sponsor, or just buy one of our Pre-sale DVDs or other fun stuff. We are now well into producing our first episode, which will be "Part 1" of "No Children In Space".
  • 3D Animation Production. Lunatics is being created using free-software tools, most notably the Blender 3D application, and programs that are designed to work with it. If you have skills with modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, textures, or rendering, you will likely find a lot of opportunities to contribute.
  • Voice Acting and Casting. Casting for Lunatics is closed for "No Children in Space" and "Earth", but there will be additional guest parts, one principal part (Sarah), and two recurring parts (Spenser and Salt), opening up later in the year, when we're getting ready to record the new episodes "Cyborg", "Rocks", and "Death's Door".
  • Music. For the most part, at least at the beginning, we are constructing the soundtrack of Lunatics from "found" CC By or CC By-SA licensed music. However, there is still some need for remixing of tracks, and we may very well want to commission music later on. We do not yet have a final choice for the main title track, although we have a couple of ideas for it.
  • Sound Recording and Effects. There may be no sound in space, but there's a lot of it inside of spacecraft and space habitats, and some of it will be hard to simulate or find. We'll be looking for a lot of different effects sounds and ambience recordings to work with in the audio-mixing process.
  • Designing for Lunatics. Of course, the main designs are mostly finished. But there will be a need for additional concept art as the series progresses.
  • Science and Engineering Advice is also wanted. Lunatics is hard science fiction, and we take the science and engineering much more seriously than most science-fiction media productions. We're also human, though, so mistakes will happen, and even with a body as supposedly well-understood as the Moon, we are still finding surprises. We welcome input from people with background experience, particularly in planetary science and spacecraft engineering. Please don't be insulted, though, if we ask for credentials.
  • Writing for Lunatics. Presently, Lunatics is essentially "staff written," meaning that most of the stories come more or less directly from story sessions with Rosalyn Hunter and Terry Hancock. However, we are planning to open up some space for a few contributed stories later on in the series.

Commission Opportunities

If you want to be considered for commission opportunities for 3D models, music, or other resources, please contact us (email Terry Hancock at the address below). We'll include you when we try to find people to do certain parts of the job for advance payment. This will generally only be the case when we are trying to get new work created specifically for Lunatics (i.e. not when there is already-existing work that we want to use).

Profit Sharing

More detailed and authoritative info is available on our Transparency Reports page. Note that different sales may have different breakdowns (e.g. musical artists will get more from soundtrack sales, visual artists will get more from posters, etc). The linked page is for money from our Patreon account. Additional pages will be added as we add revenue sources.

Spoilers, Production Site, and Other Philosophical Issues

If you hate spoilers, don't visit our production forums. Generally there will be materials for producing the next episode or two there.

However, further script writing is kept offline or in private communications, until we're ready to start producing the episode.

If you like sneak peeks at work in progress, feel free to check out our production process. However, we ask you to not spoil it for others -- they can come see too if they want to.