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We anticipate the following production milestones for raising funds and getting production started on Lunatics:


Our first stage (the one we're in) is to get everything lined up in preparation for a Kickstarter campaign. This will require:

  • Using this wiki, prepare
    • Character profiles complete enough for character art commission
    • Story premise
    • Brief treatments for all of Season 1
    • Long treatments for the first Volume episodes
    • Complete script for "No Children In Space"
    • Complete storyboard for "No Children In Space"
  • With Blender, create:
    • Major sets
      • ISF Colony
      • Iridium Station
    • Vehicles
      • LTS (Lunar Transportation System)
      • Soyuz
      • Moontruck
      • XR (Exploration Rover)
    • Complete animatic for "No Children In Space" (probably with Blender scene editor)
  • Make arrangements with partners
    • CHARACTER DESIGNER: $100 commission, agreement on larger character art commission
    • CLEARING MUSIC (a few non-free tracks)
    • Find a 3D character modeler
    • Find a 3D character rigger
  • Shoot featurettes for later upload
    • Interview partners, get some footage of their other work
    • Business model and free culture
    • Discussing ideas and hopes for project
    • Fly-through of some of the 3D models
    • Excerpts from the animatic
    • Examples of other free culture films (Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny, Sintel, Sita Sings the Blues)
    • Examples of other web series (The Guild, Dr. Horrible (how much can we use?))
    • About using Blender
  • Create budget breakdown and compute needed kickstart funding
    • art commissions
    • rights clearing
    • animation workstation
  • Prepare deliverables for Kickstart campaign, some ideas:
    • Your choice of signed original concept art for $5000+ backers
    • Signed original concept art for $1000+ backers, "angel" credit
    • Signed production diary for $450+ backers, "sponsor" credit
    • Color sandstone study-model figurines of full cast in cover pose, suitable for display for $250+ backers
    • Production art diary for $150+ backers, credit in production diary
    • Color sandstone study-model figurine of your choice of the characters for $100+ backers
    • Signed production art poster print for $50+ backers, credit in production diary
    • Production art poster print for $10+ backers
    • Production CD-R/ebook for $5+ backers

The idea is that, although this is really "pre-production" for the animated production (which means that delivery of the final animation will require additional funding), all of the deliverables on the first stage funding can be delivered 'before' production starts (so the backers are not taking a direct risk on that).