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On this page I am tabulating all of the models we're going to need for the pilot episode, "No Children In Space". This is based on an analysis of the script and the storyboards. There's a possibility either might be changed still, so this might need to be updated.

Needed for Storyboards

These are a small number of models that need to be finished for use in the storyboards, story reel, and animatics.

Name Description
Soyuz-LV Soyuz launch vehicle with linked groups and follow-path rigging for stages
Soyuz-TE Soyuz Transporter-Erector Train (a specialized train car) with armature rigging
Cosmotrain Rest of the Soyuz train support car: support, flatbeds, engine
Soyuz Pad Gantries and pad for Soyuz - not needed for story reel
LTS Shuttle Moon shuttle stack for station-departure and moon arrival sequences
LTS Truck Moon truck vehicle used on moon surface (not needed for story reel)

With the exception of the gantries and launch pad, all of these have been started in Blender already.


This is a list of ALL character meshes needed. Most of them will be static or very-low-animated elements. See the table columns for "close-up", "face moves", and "body moves" to see how much is required. I'm hoping many of these can be no more than lattice deformations from stock "extras" characters. Others, of course, are main characters and will need more attention. Presented in order of first appearance.

Scene Name Class[1] Gender Ethnicity[2] Close-Up?[3] Face moves?[4] Body moves?[5]
2 Georgiana M F * Y Y Y
2 Hiromi M F * Y Y Y
2 Camel #1 A  ? Camel N N Y (walking)
2 Camel Boy X M Kazakh N N Y?
2 Train Boy W M Kazakh Y Y Y
2 Mother W F Kazakh N N? Y
4 Porter #1 W M Russian/Kazakh N Y Y
4 Porter #2 W M Russian? N Y Y
4 Photographer X M * N (back) N N
4 Souvenir Man X M Kazakh? N N N
2 Camel #2 A  ? Camel N N N
4 Sergei S M Russian Y Y Y
4 Press Crowd G - Various N N N
5 Tech #1 W F Russian Y? Y Y
5 Tech #2 W M Russian N N Y
6 Launch Crowd G Various Various N N limited
6 Controller #1 W F Russian Y Y (eyes) N
6 Controller #2 X M Russian N N N
8 News Anchor W F?  ? Y Y N
8 Host #1 W M  ? N Y N?
8 Guest #1 W F  ? N Y N?
8 Guest #2 W M  ? N Y N?
8 Host #2 W M  ? N Y N?
8 Rob M M * Y Y N?
8 Woman #1 W F White?/USA Y Y N?
8 Boy W M Black?/USA Y Y N?
8 Interviewer X M  ? N (back) N N
8 Woman #2 W F  ? Y Y N
8 Man #1 X M  ? N N N
10 Astronaut #1 W M  ? N Y Y
10 Astronaut #2 X M  ? N N N
10 Astronaut #3 X M  ? N N Y
10 Astronaut #4 X F  ? Y Y (smiles) Y (turns head)
10 Astronaut #5 X M  ? N N Y (hands)
10 Goat W  ? Goat N Y Y
10 Tim M M * Y Y Y
11 Josh M M * Y Y Y
11 USAF Astr.#1 W M  ? N Y Y
11 USAF Astr.#2 W M  ? N Y Y
11 USAF Astr.#3 X F  ? N N Y
12 Shuttle Pilot W M American Y Y Y
20 Anya M F * Y Y Y
20 Spenser (?) S M * Y Y Y
  1. Classes of characters - (M)ain, (S)econdary, (W)alk-on, e(X)tras, (G)roup of people,typically not animated, (A)nimal -- also color-coded
  2. Ethnicity or race of characters for modeling. For major characters, I just put '*' (go read the character page!), if I used "?" it means it doesn't really matter. In a few places, I make suggestions
  3. Is there a close-up of the face requiring accurate facial animation? (Needs special rig)
  4. Facial moves, beyond minimal animation along with body (Generic rig is okay)
  5. Does the body have to move at all? And what moves? (Full motion 'Y', needs a tweaked body rig, simple limited animation or static poses can probably be done with generic rig even after deformation -- I hope)

Breaking this down, this is 6 major characters, 2 secondary characters. 19 walk-on characters, 11 extras, plus 3 animal and 2 groups. Presumably, we can re-dress walk-ons with new clothes and hair to serve as the extras. And together, they can be used to create the two groups or crowds. The same camel will probably do for both.

The walk-ons and extras can probably be generated from a small set of generic characters by using lattice deformations, mixing and matching hair and clothes, and so on. Alternatively, we could use MakeHuman models for these.

So, if we assume that all of the main and secondary characters are modeled specially, then we have about 8 special model for the pilot (plus two more major characters needed for "Earth"). If we then add 6 "extras" (maybe using proportions for ethnic groups - "White/European/Caucasian", "Black/African/Negro", "Asian/Far Eastern" as a basis for proportions, with two genders each, then add a set of interchangeable elements like hair and clothing, and then add simple stretching effects, we should be able to produce a range of characters suitable for background use. Alternatively, of course, we could use MakeHuman, which is basically a specialized software for doing that.

Going to need a little more thought about how to handle the "walk-ons".


Scene Name Class[1] Storyboard? Notes
1 Earth in space F Circle with Earth, black world
2 Platz-Kart Wagon and Tracks M Exterior train model, tracks, desert terrain
2 Camel & Boy F Reflected scene of town edge
2 Platz-Kart Wagon Interior V Detailed interior of PK train car
3 Gagarin Start M Y Soyuz pad, gantries, train tracks, transporter-erector, extra cars, lo-fi bldg and backdrop
4 Baikonur New Train Platform M New covered trainstation (it's open-air in 2011)
4 Street w/ van T Street with stock van -- needs to open
4 Train station monument X Complex monument, simple backdrop


Soyuz System

  1. Type of set model: (F)ake (cutouts and backdrops), (T)errain and box models, (I)nterior sets, (V)ehicle interiors, e(X)terior sets, (M)echanical and external vehicles