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No Children In Space - Music

Soundtrack for No Children In Space, the pilot episode of Lunatics.

Because the pilot has little dialog, the music is that much more important. Furthermore, I was strongly motivated to pick music tracks that were already licensed compatibly with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, so that there would be less risk for license negotiations. As it is, there are only three original tracks for which we will have to negotiate new licensing (these are indicated in yellow and red). Note that excerpts from the track "Bellatrix" is used four times, so it is counted more than once.

Of course, if we cannot license the tracks we want, we'll have to come up with substitutes. I've been working on finding those as well. We might also commission an original track for the main title music.

Lunatics / "No Children in Space" -- Music and Licenses

Track No. Length (s) Scene Title Track Title Album/Source Artist License Rate Multiplier[1] Points[2] Percentage
1 60 In Those Days Once Upon A Time Orchestral Works A.K.1974 By-SA 1.00 2.00 X
2 97 Kazakhstan Train Ride Nylon Direction Orient J M F By-SA 1.00 2.62 X
3 80 Soyuz Rollout Once Upon A Time Orchestral Works A.K.1974 By-SA 1.00 2.33 X
4 86 Baikonur Orient Collage Lulo By-SA 1.00 2.43 X
5 78 Suiting Up Restless Heart Running Against Time Yunus By-SA 1.00 2.30 X
6 84 Soyuz Launch Rise of the Titans Adventure Action Butterfly Tea By-SA 1.00 2.40 X
7 79 Soyuz Flight Back to Adventure Magical and Fantasy Musics Butterfly Tea By-SA 1.00 2.32 X
8 74 On Orbit Andorria Main Title Magical and Fantasy Musics Butterfly Tea By-SA 1.00 2.23 X
9 34 Media Collage White Military Ants Are Floating in the Sky One Minute and Two Insignificance By-SA 1.00 1.57 X
10 107 MAIN TITLES Space Zine Frontier Creature (Demo), Martians Zia By-SA [3] 3.00 8.35 X
11 39 Space Station Rendezvous The Sky City Magical and Fantasy Musics Butterfly Tea By-SA 1.00 1.65 X
12 123 Tim and the Goat Silliness in F Sharp Major Chronicles I Mattias Westlund By 1.00 3.05 X
13 58 Loading Moon Shuttle (v1) Pride Soundtrack EP 2 Miguel Herrero By-SA 1.00 1.97 X
14 122 TLI Bellatrix Universica JT Bruce By-SA [4] 2.00 6.07 X
15 158 Tucking in Georgiana The Fairytale of Time Running Against Time Yunus By-SA 1.00 3.63 X
16 55 The Moon's Sphere Bellatrix Universica JT Bruce By-SA[4] 1.00 1.92 X
17 103 Moon Shuttle Activity Swimming Exploration Walter Well By-SA 1.00 2.72 X
10 190 Moon Shuttle Sequence (ALTERNATE) Zero G Martians Zia ARR [5] 3.00 8.35 X
18 112 LOI Bellatrix Universica JT Bruce By-SA[4] 1.00 2.87 X
19 190 Lunar Orbit Bellatrix Universica JT Bruce By-SA[4] 1.00 4.17 X
20 156 Lunar Landing My Desire is Now Circles of Life Gotika By-SA 2.00 7.20 X
21 62 Iridium Field Horizons Circles of Life Gotika By-SA 1.00 2.03 X
22 139 Meetings at Iridium Magic of Freedom Think Who Is Your Friends Distemper By-SA[6] 2.00 6.63 X
23 70? Drive to Colony New World Mars Elaine Walker By-SA[7] 1.00 2.17 X
24 71 First Sight of Colony Cavern of Time Magical and Fantasy Musics Butterfly Tea By-SA 1.00 2.18 X
25 312 Exploring Colony Zanimoland Medley Ethnic Flavor Butterfly Tea By-SA 1.00 6.20 X
26 229 First Day at Colony "0000000015" The Second Chaos Alone in the Chaos By 1.00 4.82 X
27 229 Dinner/ END TITLES Family House Mission 1 Fridance By-SA 2.00 9.63 X
TOTAL 96.48 100%
  1. Rates: 1.0 for normal background music, 2.0 for "hero" tracks (which are highly integrated or important to the scene) or end titles, and 3.0 for main title tracks. Anything commissioned is double the rate for licensed existing music.
  2. The points are computed as follows: 1 point is given for each use of an excerpt of a track, additional points are given one-per-minute, prorated to the nearest second. This result is then multiplied by the rate to get the "points" for dividing revenue (although the point total comes close to 100 on this project so that points are close to percentage points, this is a complete coincidence! The point total is arbitrary and will typically be different for each episode).
  3. The track "Space Zine" from the album "Martians" by Zia has been released to us under By-SA by special arrangement with the artist, as of 2012-4/25
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 The track "Bellatrix" from the album "Universica" by J.T. Bruce has been released to By-SA by special arrangement with the artist, as of 2012-4/25
  5. The track "Zero G" from the album "Martians" by Zia is owned by Liz Lysinger, and we do not yet have the right to use it, but Elaine Walker seemed optimistic that we could do it, as of 2012-5/05. If used, it would replace both of the previous tracks and we would do a different type of sequence here(more like a music video).
  6. The entire album "Think Who Is Your Friends" by Distemper has been released to us "without restrictions" (so we'll treat that as By-SA), as of 2012-4/25. This includes "Magic of Freedom"
  7. We have permission from Elaine Walker (of Zia) to use this track under By-SA, as of 2012-05/05

Although the "License Art Libre" (LAL) (or "Free Art License" (FAL) which is the English translation) offers almost identical terms as the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, they are incompatible for technical reasons. As a result, it will be necessary to get re-licensing permission on such tracks. The track "Warmachine" has an additional complication in that the license on the Jamendo distribution page was recently changed to Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, which is of course incompatible with use in our project, and does not have the same freedoms.

No Children in Space - Sound Notes by Scene

1 Introduction

First few bars of "Once Upon a Time" by "A.K.1974" from "Orchestral Works".

2 On the Train in Kazakhstan

MUSIC: "Nylon" by "J.M.F." from "Direction Orient"

We also hear the successive crash sound of a train starting up. Additional train sounds, both interior and exterior, with and without doppler effect.

Plausible/indistinct conversations in Russian and/or Kazakh aboard the train.

Some of my existing sound tracks have voices in the background, but they're actually in some Indian language. Not a problem if they're really as indistinct as I think they are, and if we layer more sound on top of those.

3 Soyuz Rollout

"Warmachine" by "Cyril Pereira" from "The Revenge of Glory"

This track may have licensing problems. It was originally "Free Art License" (which would require re-licensing anyway), but it was changed to CC By-NC-SA, which bothers me a little bit. It's as if the author had second thoughts about free licensing it.

Little or no location sound -- this is a montage.

Possible alternative music tracks: "Dark Sword, White Snow" by "Fridance" from "Mission #1" or "Knights of the Darkness" by "Zero Project" from "Fairytale".

4 Baikonur

MUSIC: "Orient" by "Lulo" from "Collage".

Another montage with little ambient sound.

5 Suiting Up

MUSIC: "Restless Heart" by "Yunus" from "Running Against Time"

Ambient sounds from actual Soyuz procedures. This is closer to real-time. Photo-snaps from observers. Suit and machine sounds. Talking.

I have sound that was released by NASA. I think it's probably public-domain so long as it's not used in a way that identifies the people involved.

6 Launch Pad

MUSIC: "Rise of the Titans" by "Butterfly Tea" from "Adventure/Action"

Recorded Soyuz launch sounds from NASA films. Launch controller voices. Thundering rocket sounds. Character voices as they get into the craft and during the launch sequence.

7 Soyuz Flight

MUSIC: "Return to Adventure" by "Butterfly Tea" from "Magical and Fantasy Musics"

Less ambient noise as we leave the atmosphere (starts with rocket noise, but it slowly fades through the sequence). We hear cabin noises as if we are on the internal communications loop in a spacesuit.

8 Media Collage

MUSIC: "White Military Ants Are Floating in the Skies" by "Insignificance" from "One Minute and Two"

The music is played low under the dialog to give a slight sense of uneasiness and also to unify the different sound elements into one montage. Mostly, though, we hear the voices of the people on screen.

9 Main Title Sequence

MUSIC: Probably a mix-down of "Space Zine" by "Zia"

(I have a mix that uses a bit of the intro from the original "Frontier Creature (Demo)" mixed with the track from the album "Martians", which has richer orchestration.

Alternatively, we might commission an original work from Zia or Elaine Walker (I suspect that depends on whether she has any ideas for it).

No other sound in this scene.

10 Space Station

Music during docking sequence is "The Sky City" by "Butterfly Tea" from "Magical and Fantasy Musics".

After the hatch opens in the station, we transition to "Silliness in F Sharp Major" by "Mattias Westlund" from "Chronicles I".

There's also the sound of the hatch, ambient sounds aboard the station, conversation of the astronauts, bleatings from the goat, hooves striking the wall. Dialog between Georgiana and Tim.

11 Loading the Moon Shuttle

MUSIC: "Pride" by "Miguel Herrero" from "Soundtrack EP 2".

Some foley sound.

12 Trans-Lunar Injection

MUSIC: "TLI" excerpt of "Bellatrix" by "J.T. Bruce" from "Universica"

This track is By-NC-ND, and so we will have to negotiate to use it. I have no alternative in mind,and this track works really well with this scene, so I really hope this one works out.

Loud music track dominates, but we do have sound from the engines, voices on the shuttle, etc.

There is some radio chatter sound over the beginning of the track especially, during the undocking sequence. Some character dialog during the boost part.

13 Tucking In Georgiana

MUSIC: "The Fairytale of Time" by "Yunus" from "Running Against Time"

Dialog between Georgiana and Hiromi. Chatter in the background. Keyboard sounds and filtered sound from the video conversation on Hiromi's computer. Sounds of people moving. Air conditioning white noise.

14 The Moon's Sphere

MUSIC: "Moon's Sphere" excerpt of "Bellatrix" by "J.T. Bruce" from "Universica"

Radio chatter.

15 Aboard the Shuttle

MUSIC: "Swimming" by "Walter Well" from "Exploration".

Character dialog and foley.

16 Lunar Orbit Insertion

MUSIC: LOI excerpt from "Bellatrix" by "J.T. Bruce" from "Universica"

17 Lunar Orbit

MUSIC: Lunar Orbit excerpt from "Bellatrix" by "J.T. Bruce" from "Universica"

Dialog. Radio chatter. Foley. Spacecraft interior ambience.

18 Lunar Landing

MUSIC: "My Desire Is Now" by "Gotika" from "Circles of Life"

No sound in space,but some of the animation will be keyed to the music -- the cymbal crashes being the thrusters firing.

19 Iridium Field

MUSIC: "Horizons" by "Gotika" from "Circles of Life"

Foley sound, radio chatter, character dialog.

We may also hear a signature piece for Anya when she is first introduced (possibly a few notes from "All Colors Crew" by "Distemper" from "Think Who Is Your Friend" or maybe the opening from "Droog" by "Sertse (featuring Total)" from "Duets/Poets").

20 Meetings at Iridium Station

MUSIC: "Magic of Freedom" by "Distemper" from "Think Who Is Your Friend"

Character dialog. Iridium station ambience. Moon truck ambience. Hatch sounds. Other foley.

21 On the Road to the Colony

MUSIC: "The Nomad" by "Alexandr Fedorov" from "The Light World"

Moon truck ambience. Dialog and foley.

22 Arrival at the Colony

MUSIC: "The Cavern of Time" by "Butterfly Tea" from "Magical and Fantasy Musics"

Dialog and foley.

23 Exploring the Colony

MUSIC: "Zanimoland Medley" by "Butterfly Tea" from "Ethnic Flavor"

This track is really several short tracks together -- hence "medley". Anyway, this makes it perfect for matching to the various experiences Georgiana has in seeing the colony for the first time.

Voices -- mostly Georgiana and Tim, but also the adults in the background. Ambient sounds from different rooms.

24 Day One

MUSIC: "15" by "Alone in the Chaos" from "The Second Chaos"

This is blended in as if it were just another of the tracks in the previous medley, but it picks up the pace, and the cutting becomes a montage of the colonists' activities on the first day -- so there's no more ambient sound.

25 Family Dinner and END TITLES

MUSIC: "Family House" by "Fridance" from "Mission #1"

Initially, there is dialog and foley during the preparation and serving of dinner. We get different voices as the camera moves and we pick up the conversations, ending with Georgiana's line. When the credits come, though, the ambient sound fades slowly out.