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Storyboards for No Children In Space


NCIS SB001 Introduction

On the Train in Kazakhstan

NCIS SB002 On the Train in Kazakhstan

Soyuz Rollout

NCIS SB003 Soyuz Rollout


NCIS SB004 Baikonur

Suiting Up

NCIS SB005 Suiting Up

Launch Pad

NCIS SB006 Launch Pad

Soyuz Flight

NCIS SB007 Soyuz Flight

Media Collage

NCIS SB008 Media Collage

Main Title Sequence

NCIS SB009 Main Title Sequence

Space Station

NCIS SB010 Space Station

Loading the Moon Shuttle

NCIS SB011 Loading the Moon Shuttle

Trans-Lunar Injection

NCIS SB012 Trans-Lunar Injection

Tucking In Georgiana

NCIS SB013 Tucking In Georgiana

The Moon's Sphere

NCIS SB014 The Moon's Sphere

Aboard the Shuttle

NCIS SB015 Aboard the Shuttle

Lunar Orbit Injection

NCIS SB016 Lunar Orbit Injection

Lunar Orbit

NCIS SB017 Lunar Orbit

Lunar Landing

NCIS SB018 Lunar Landing

Iridium Field

NCIS SB019 Iridium Field

Meetings at Iridium Station

NCIS SB020 Meetings at Iridium Station

On the Road to the Colony

NCIS SB021 On the Road to the Colony

Arrival at the Colony

NCIS SB022 Arrival at the Colony

Exploring the Colony

NCIS SB023 Exploring the Colony

Day One

NCIS SB024 Day One

Family Dinner and END TITLES

NCIS SB025 Family Dinner and END TITLES