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The Soyuz "Transporter-Erector" (hereafter "TE") is the special train car that carries the Soyuz launch vehicle from the integration facility to the launchpad and then sets it upright on the pad. Soyuz of course, uses a "horizontal transport" strategy -- the empty vehicle is carried by train on its side, then the vehicle is set upright, then it is loaded with fuel (which accounts for most of its launch weight).

The TE appears in "No Children in Space", and may appear in one of our trailers.

Soyuz on Transporter Shot (Timothée Giet)

This shot is one I'd like to try doing in 2D -- that is to say, I might want to see if this shot can look good enough to keep the 2D animation in the final episode. Even if we ultimately choose to go with 3D modeling, though, I'd like to have a good animatic for this.

Here's the reference material:

First of all, I created an SVG drawing of the TE, and here also is a rendering of the profile view (as it should appear in this shot):

And here are a couple of photo references of the TE with the Soyuz launch vehicle on it (this is what we need for the moving element in this shot):

You may notice these two transporters are painted differently, but otherwise they are pretty nearly the same. In the second picture, there is still a leading car in front of the TE. This car (and the engine in front) are removed before it gets to the pad, so that it is just being pushed from behind -- in the shot I want, they are in this phase, so there is no front car.

Of course, we'll also need a background plate with the tracks and the desert soil.

The animation sequence will show the Soyuz on the TE moving slowly from left to right across the screen. I estimate that it should take about 10 seconds for the bottom of the rocket to appear in frame on the left, travel all the way across, and disappear off of the right side. The rest of the rocket will follow, and we should set the animation length based on how long it takes to pass (so maybe 30 seconds?).

There will probably be additional composited material on top of this ("Lubo" perhaps).