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This Wiki Contains "Spoilers"

"Lunatics" is an open source project and we collaborate online. We must therefore have a place where we can share some of our material before it is ready to be viewed as a dramatic presentation. So that means, there have to be spoilers posted somewhere. This is the where.

So if you are looking to be surprised by upcoming plot developments and don't want to have the experience spoiled, then navigate back to the Lunatics.TV page which is our "public face".

We generally try not to have too much material beyond the next upcoming episode here, but there is plenty of that, as this is where the script, reference materials, and other elements are stored.

We did originally have this wiki closed, but there are people who want to lurk and see the behind-the-scenes work on the project. If all of those people have to have accounts, then the administration is more complicated and it's hard to filter out spam bots. This way, you don't need an account to just view the wiki (if you want to get involved in the project, see Contributing to Lunatics.