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Setting Up the Lunatics Webpage

Right now we have a very minimal "placeholder" website, with a link to my Free Software Magazine blog. This is clearly inadequate.

The site should reflect the state of the project as we move foreward, so the site will evolve along with the milestones, in three major steps:

  • Pre-Kickstart Development
    • Flattr button
    • Social networking icons via "add this" with custom buttons
    • No store yet
    • Blog with news about project development
    • Wiki with setting and character development, renders, etc
    • Photos and videos of progress
  • Kickstart Campaign -- Access to previous features, but centered around our fundraising campaign for pre-production costs
    • Push blog down-page (but it's still there)
    • Prominent Kickstarter widget on page
    • Note to the effect that any donations should be through Kickstarter so the bid will "make" (briefly explain how Kickstarter works)
Mockup of Website for Kickstarter Campaign
  • Production
    • Return to pre-Kickstart design
    • Add a (Yahoo?) store. Sell the 3D printed character figures and other stuff we created for the Kickstart campaign
    • Videos of project in progress (see how Blender Open Movies do this)
    • Pre-sale DVD fundraising campaign through store
Mockup of Website During Production

Web Server Maintainence

Giving up on the virtualization idea. I just want to get a site up quickly. If we have downtime, we'll just cope.

For the server itself, we're going to run Zope, Plone, Quills, and Mediawiki. We'll support a single-login through LDAP and a gateway to accept OpenID logins:

Some additional background info:


  • Smokescreen Flash Translator - Lets you display Flash content on your site using HTML5+Javascript, without users needing the Flash plugin (might work with Ktoon?)