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Lunatics Season One
Episode Name No Children in Space
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No Children in Space

The pilot episode of Lunatics follows Georgiana Lerner on her trip from the Earth to the Moon. The story is told in a mostly visual way, and is more serious than most of Lunatics will be. I didn't want to trivialize the importance of this step: moving children to the Moon is the thing that makes a "base" into a "colony." There's also a surprising enormity and complexity to this seemingly simple idea. In the end, though, the story simply sets the stage and raises some story questions that will form the main story-arc of the first season.

I also wanted to provide a bridge from familiar, present-day technology (the Soyuz launch system and the International Space Station) to the fictional (but plausible) technology environment of Lunatics. I wanted to contrast the low-tech and high-tech aspects of the journey. And I wanted to bring the whole experience down to Earth in terms of simple, accurate detail -- and the eyes of a child (to whom a train in Kazakhstan and a rover on the Moon must seem equally exotic and exciting) help us to do this.

Another reason for this relatively non-verbal style of storytelling is that it reduces the burden on the actors and allows the writer, director, and animators to show off.

In addition to being an introduction to the series, the pilot is also a selling tool for us to attract talent to the project. We don't really have the acting talent, so we need to showcase the other things we can do. The actors in NCIS will initially be temporary voice-overs, probably by family members we draft into it. No doubt the voice performances will be a little weak! But we'll use this temp-track version, along with written scripts (which will show the more complex things we plan to do later) to cast the real acting talent. Hopefully, they'll be interested, and the later episodes (which depend much more on good acting) will be feasible.



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