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This Wiki Contains "Spoilers"

"Lunatics" is an open source project and we collaborate online. We must therefore have a place where we can share some of our material before it is ready to be viewed as a dramatic presentation. So that means, there have to be spoilers posted somewhere. This is the where.

So if you are looking to be surprised by upcoming plot developments and don't want to have the experience spoiled, then navigate back to the Lunatics.TV page which is our "public face".

We generally try not to have too much material beyond the next upcoming episode here, but there is plenty of that, as this is where the script, reference materials, and other elements are stored.

We did originally have this wiki closed, but there are people who want to lurk and see the behind-the-scenes work on the project. If all of those people have to have accounts, then the administration is more complicated and it's hard to filter out spam bots. This way, you don't need an account to just view the wiki (if you want to get involved in the project, see Contributing to Lunatics.


Originally, we created this Wiki primarily for Production/Project Management during Pre-Production. We've moved away from that (and intend to migrate to TACTIC for future work).

This wiki is going to remain, but will be primarily for documentation on the technical side of the project.

Right now, I'm working on software infrastructure problems, and I'm going to collect some notes here.

Lunatics Pre-Production Wiki

The multiple wiki design proved too difficult for us to maintain, so we've streamlined to just one wiki to be used for pre-production of "Lunatics" episodes (currently just the pilot, "No Children in Space"). Fan/audience content will be moved onto our Plone server if it's not already there. Production files -- i.e. the files that are actually used to generate the episodes -- will be submitted or migrated to our Trac-based Production Repository.

There will often be SPOILERS here, so if that bothers you, feel free to go back to the main Lunatics website.

Most of this wiki is closed or "non-public" in the sense that you have to be a logged-in user to read it. However, membership in the project is open to anyone who is interested. Please read the Contributing to Lunatics before making any edits to this wiki, however.

Fundraising and Production Planning


  • Due to a private communication with the developers, it seems we won't need to do another Kickstarter to support the software development work on Pyppet. We donated $100 out of our Phase I Kickstart to support the project (basically, we paid for an experimental controller). I will keep following this to see how this affects our other requirements. There is also some pretty interesting stuff going on with motion-tracking in the Blender Project Mango Open Movie project which may be useful to us, and I'm also following progress on "Monet", a motion-capture system for facial animation.
  • Phase II Kickstarter for "Modeling and Production of the Pilot" - TBA. A few people have asked me about setting up a "modeling sprint", similar to the process on the Blender Open Movies -- I'm looking into how best to set this up.
  • Phase III Kickstarter for "Voice Acting, Post-Production, and Mastering of the Pilot" - TBA

Series Development




Voice Acting

3D Models

Soyuz Transporter

Sound Elements


Trailers and Featurettes

Season 1

Volume 1

About MediaWiki

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