Motion and Reference Acting

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One of the biggest production challenges for Lunatics is how to do hours and hours of 3D animation without costing millions and millions of dollars and taking thousands of hours to animate it.

My idea is to use some "motion capture" and "machinima" technologies, in combination with selected elements of more-traditional key-frame-based animation, to bring the project down to a manageable size.

Motion capture technologies would include:

  • Full-body motion capture
  • Hand-over finger/hand capture
  • Digital puppetry (where a physical model is moved to generate motion data driving a different kind of model)

Of course, one of the attractions of 3D animation as a medium is that we can realistically change the gravity to match the normal 1/6th gravity on the Moon (or the zero gravity in orbit). However, to some degree, we can simulate this by filming at slightly accelerated speed and then slowing down the playback in the motion-capture step.

Of course, there's all kinds of expensive equipment and services associated with motion capture technology.

We may also want to consider using some cheaper alternatives, like:

Cheap MoCap Project[1]

Brekel Kinect

Or we may want to use canned motion capture data, which does exist:

Garage Games