NCIS SB001 Introduction

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(as if she's telling a story to children)
A long time ago, before your mothers and fathers were even born, everybody that was, lived on the Earth. Back then, space was a scary, dangerous place. Very few people would hazard to go there, almost no one stayed there for any length of time...
(very distinctly)
...and there were `no children in space'.

But change comes even if we close our eyes, and one day, a little girl much like you took the ride that would change the universe forever.

NCIS SB001 Introduction


We'll probably have a few very-beginning titles or logos, possibly including the "Creator Endorsed" notice. Then... Start out in space, with a blue dot in the distance (actually fades in from black). Slow zoom until Earth fills the screen along with the voice over.



First few bars of "Once Upon a Time" by "A.K.1974" from "Orchestral Works".

Directing Notes

Fade-in the Earth, then dissolve smoothly to the train wheel. We can line this up precisely since this is animation.