NCIS SB003 Soyuz Rollout

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The Soyuz spacecraft is rolled out to the pad and erected (montage).

NCIS SB003 Soyuz Rollout


From black, we rapidly fade in on the Soyuz launch vehicle being carried down the rail on the carrier in early morning. We initially see it from the bottom, with all the rocket nozzles visible (a very iconic shot for Soyuz). Then we follow the carrier all the way to the pad in a series of time-contracting cuts, matched to the music.

At the pad, the carrier lifts the Soyuz up (we see it moving, but there are jump cuts to move it to the vertical position quickly). A "time-lapse" image shows workers apparently scurrying around the vehicle as the sun visibly rises in the sky. Finally, as the music plays out, we see the vehicle on the pad with the gantries closed about it.



"Warmachine" by "Cyril Pereira" from "The Revenge of Glory"

This track may have licensing problems. It was originally "Free Art License" (which would require re-licensing anyway), but it was changed to CC By-NC-SA, which bothers me a little bit. It's as if the author had second thoughts about free licensing it.

Little or no location sound -- this is a montage.

Possible alternative music tracks: "Dark Sword, White Snow" by "Fridance" from "Mission #1" or "Knights of the Darkness" by "Zero Project" from "Fairytale".