NCIS SB015 Aboard the Shuttle

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Tim gets his camera gear out from his kit, and straps the headset on. He starts moving through the cabin, and then we see the video he is recording.

NCIS SB015 Aboard the Shuttle


Tim starts in the cockpit of the lander, glides to the engine cap, and then up through the transfer module. He passes HIROMI and JOSH working on the goat's cage (off-mic business about the goat chewing through the latch). He passes the people working on their varios couches. The goat, for his part, is enthusiastically trying to eat the cage latches.

He ends up with GEORGIANA who is at the nose of transfer module, peering out the porthole at the now-distant Earth.



MUSIC: "Swimming" by "Walter Well" from "Exploration".

Character dialog and foley.