NCIS SB018 Lunar Landing

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This is where they fire their de-orbit burn and begin the powered descent to the surface.

Identify Plato crater.

After a fair pause.

Okay, that's Le Verrier. Right where it should be.
I see La Place ... and La Place D.
(off mic)
Look Georgiana, can you see it? You might catch the light on the colony.
Okay, Iridium, I can see you. LunaNav is on the money...

NCIS SB018 Lunar Landing


This is where they fire their de-orbit burn and begin the powered descent to the surface. Pretty intense in the storyboards.

The spacecraft now plunges towards the surface, and the camera follows. But as the rocket plume appears under (behind) the lander, the craft rushes up towards the falling camera, which then swings around in an arc, pointing towards the now powered vehicle. We can see the thrusters firing and the faces of people inside as the camera orbits the vehicle.

Inside, we can hear Hiromi and Josh chanting off sightings to the left and right.

Externally, we see the craft jockeying on the thrusters. It's now very low, clearing the mountains somewhat to the north, and coming in over smooth marea at Iridium field. Iridium station is visible as a sparkly white collection of modules and equipment scattered about the field. There's also a darkening of the marea due to disturbed regolith, and we can see the "roads" (tracks, really) to the mining area and to the colony, in the same color.

The vehicle lands in a flutter of thruster adjustments (I want to sync these with the cymbal crashes in the music near the end -- of course there is no literal sound in our exterior views, but I want to use the music to convey the feeling of it).



MUSIC: "My Desire Is Now" by "Gotika" from "Circles of Life"

No sound in space,but some of the animation will be keyed to the music -- the cymbal crashes being the thrusters firing.