NCIS SB019 Iridium Field

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Montage of the transfer module moving over to the truck, and then of the truck docking with the terminal at Iridium Station. The hatch opens.

We see Anya's introduction, and then she greets the travelers.

The two USAF astronauts go and meet MARK (Spenser) in the background of the shot, while the main action is going on in the foreground with ANYA meeting JOSH, TIM, HIROMI, and GEORGIANA.

NCIS SB019 Iridium Field


Right after the landing, as the music is falling (this track has a longish tail), the pilot closes off the cockpit and returns to the transfer vehicle. He uses a remote-control panel near the hatch to complete the next task, which is to separate the vehicle.

From the outside, we see the transfer module undock from the lander, pushed upwards by a rocker arm until the docking cone clears. Then the swing arm slowly cranks the module off-axis towards the "back" of the lander (away from the cockpit side). The module swings almost in free-fall in the low gravity down to the surface and the fifth footpad strikes the ground, with the shock-absorber compressing considerably.

We cut to the inside where everyone is now on their feet in their hammocks, bouncing gently down. Georgiana will be on the seat part of the hammock, with her feeting not really touching.

From the exterior, we can see an empty can truck approaching across the field. It backs up to the module and the long fork of the cradle extends around the landing arm to pick up the module. Cradle arms lock into place around the transfer module, and the PILOT flips a switch to release the module from the landing arm.

The cab snugs up to the module and docks. As the hatch opens, there is a driver from the station.

[We've switched back to meeting ANYA in the terminal at Iridium as the USAF astronauts are dropped off]



MUSIC: "Horizons" by "Gotika" from "Circles of Life"

Foley sound, radio chatter, character dialog.

We may also hear a signature piece for Anya when she is first introduced (possibly a few notes from "All Colors Crew" by "Distemper" from "Think Who Is Your Friend" or maybe the opening from "Droog" by "Sertse (featuring Total)" from "Duets/Poets").