NCIS SB020 Meetings at Iridium Station

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[This scene is a mess -- rewritten because we relocated it back into the terminal at Iridium Station]

[The following I want to keep]

(in Russian, smiling)
Hello, Anya.
Здравствуйте, Аня
привет, Аня.

Josh sets Anya onto her feet in the middle of the group. She leans down and pinches Georgiana on the cheek.

And how's my little 'zaika'?

[Zaika (зайка) is literally "little (female) bunny" -- Thanks to Konstantin Dmitriev for this]

Georgiana smiles, but doesn't say anything.


We cut to them back in the truck, driving to the colony.

NCIS SB020 Meetings at Iridium Station


This is the big introduction for ANYA. Clicking heels and all.

She greets the travelers.

The two USAF astronauts go and meet MARK (Spenser) in the background of the shot, while the main action is going on in the foreground with ANYA meeting JOSH, TIM, HIROMI, and GEORGIANA.

[I really haven't figured out how to make this scene work. Somehow, they dock with the port at Iridium. The Iridium crew they are carrying goes into the station. Probably some of our crew gets out to see the station. Anya at least (possibly others) will come out to greet the base commander and his second-in-command. The latter will shake Georgiana's hand and say something about her being here. In the end, though, they'll all get back into the truck and leave. Don't really know how to block it, though. Might skip some of it. Might make another montage. I don't know. Digitante 23:50, 11 June 2010 (UTC)]

At the end, they are in the truck. We see an exterior view of the truck departing along the colony road from Iridium station. Of course this road was created by all the construction traffic passing up into the mountains to build the colony.



MUSIC: "Magic of Freedom" by "Distemper" from "Think Who Is Your Friend"

Character dialog. Iridium station ambience. Moon truck ambience. Hatch sounds. Other foley.