NCIS SB023 Exploring the Colony

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HIROMI and ROB embrace. GEORGIANA is already looking around though -- the camera follows her as she explores the colony.

NCIS SB023 Exploring the Colony


HIROMI and ROB embrace. GEORGIANA is already looking around though. She passes into LABMOD_ONE, and TIM follows her. She's poking into everything as she goes. TIM is being a little more circumspect, but he is also checking things out. They pass out through the other hatch into LABMOD_TWO, then into the CONTROLMOD, then back into the LEVEL_ONE_CORRIDOR, which leads them back to the WORKSHOP. JOSH calls to TIM for help with the cargo.

But GEORGIANA turns to go into the RAMPWAY, and the camera follows her. We see a series of jump cuts, with her peering out of all the different portholes, running up and down the RAMPWAY (not in a logical order). She then turns and goes through one opening. We follow and see a wide space behind this opening. The camera then pulls back from her face to reveal the railing and stairs, which she then runs down. The camera reverses to show us the large COURTYARD space, with the fountain (currently not on), and runs over to it and looks in, climbing on the wall. She then sits and we see past her to the other door on the lower level. We then cut to her running through this hatchway and turning right to go down the LEVEL_THREE_CORRIDOR into the reprocessing area. This is mostly a bunch of non-descript machinery at this point.She runs through this maze into the AG_STORAGE module and then into the LOWER_GREENHOUSE_ADAPTER, and onto the tilted GREENHOUSE levels. Here, we can see the moonscape through the GREENHOUSE DOMES. She runs up the mostly-empty GREENHOUSES to the UPPER_GREENHOUSE_ADAPTER, through another storage area and into the COMMON_DINING_ROOOM and then through the LOBBY back into the RAMPWAY.

By this time, JOSH and TIM have got the goats onto the RAMPWAY_LIFT, and are rolling them down to LEVEL_THREE. The goats bleat as usual. GEORGIANA follows them as they introduce the goats to the BARNYARD modules, and unpack the EGG_INCUBATOR.

GEORGIANA walks around the barnyard levels and into the AIR_SYSTEMS module. This is about where the music transitions.



MUSIC: "Zanimoland Medley" by "Butterfly Tea" from "Ethnic Flavor"

This track is really several short tracks together -- hence "medley". Anyway, this makes it perfect for matching to the various experiences Georgiana has in seeing the colony for the first time.

Voices -- mostly Georgiana and Tim, but also the adults in the background. Ambient sounds from different rooms.