NCIS SB024 Day One

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This starts out as a continuation of the previous scene. As a montage, it condenses a lot of routine action needed to unpack and set-up the colony. It ends with HIROMI in the kitchen, with various others coming and going as they prepare their first dinner.

There is a fade out, and then...

NCIS SB024 Day One


This starts out as a continuation of the previous scene. GEORGIANA bases through the ALGAL_BUBBLE_TANK which is already green and active, into the HYDROPONICS_BAY, where she finds her mother already busy, unpacking crates and setting up supplies that they have brought. Walking through, she goes into the AQUACULTURE_BAY, and climbs up to watch the fish swimming in the big tanks. ANYA is here, feeding corn to the fish, which they occasionally come up to gulp.

After this, as the music picks up, things cut a little faster and there is less continuity. We see GEORGIANA holding things for ROB as he does non-descript things with the plumbing in the reprocessing and support areas. She also follows JOSH around on the BARNYARD and GREENHOUSE levels. Then we see her with ANYA in the CONTROL mod as she goes through a set of transmitter checks. She and TIM are making sure all of the new equipment is installed, and are pointing the dish antenna that will let them communicate directly with Earth.

She is then in the DINING ROOM, putting out plates on the table, while HIROMI is busy cooking in the KITCHEN. ROB and TIM show up and HIROMI passes out some assignments (non-verbally). They are seen to be chopping, etc. HIROMI puts on a big apron and pulls something out of an oven. Clearly, they are making a real feast from food they brought along frozen.



MUSIC: "15" by "Alone in the Chaos" from "The Second Chaos"

This is blended in as if it were just another of the tracks in the previous medley, but it picks up the pace, and the cutting becomes a montage of the colonists' activities on the first day -- so there's no more ambient sound.