Voice Acting and Casting

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Casting and recording for Lunatics! turned out to be a lot easier than we initially thought.

The way it works is like this:

  • I do casting calls when the need arises (I have accounts on Now Casting and Voice 123 that I use for this). I may also talk to people directly.
  • When the scripts are ready, we make an arrangement with the principal cast for a day for rehearsal and direction via teleconference (we previously used Skype for this, but will probably move to Mumble or Big Blue Button for the next session, as these are free/open-source software). This will most likely be a Saturday, and the next one is most likely going to be in Fall 2015, for recording "Cyborg", "Rocks", and "Death's Door".
  • Attendance to the teleconference is optional for one or two line parts.
  • Actors are provided with a recording of the rehearsal session to work from.
  • Actors then record their voice parts privately, preferably with 2 or 3 alternate takes. (Audacity is good for this, and we can give you some advice on microphones. But we don't insist on the package or hardware that you use for this).
  • Takes are submitted in a lossless audio format (FLAC is preferred).
  • Dialog is mixed from this, then added to the full audio mix.
  • We record before final animation -- we mostly match animation to sound, except for foley sound which is matched to the animation afterwards.